Who is Linger?

Hey Ya'll!

We are The Hamby's, the owners of Linger Boutique. We are a husband-and-wife team trying to grow this business into whatever God makes of it, and thought we would give you some insight into the background and the "why" of the business.

Dacia has had a heart for ministry since I can remember - specifically women. She is the greatest encourager I know. She invests heavily into her friendships and wanted an avenue to do that for even more women. It felt natural to pair this desire with her love for fashion, and she spent a few years talking about her dream to open a boutique. At the time, we lived in Uganda, so that dream seemed to be in the distant future. However, I decided to surprise her one day by registering Linger Boutique as an LLC and just like that, we took to the internet as small business owners.

We started this business with all the money we could come up with - $1,700. We launched with one product and are growing slowly as sales increase. I (Josh) have to remind myself daily that the success of this business isn't defined by a flashy website or a catalog of hundreds of products, but by the investment we are able to make into the women we buy from and sell to.

Simply put, we are a boutique that seeks to encourage the souls of women around the world, through style. We believe faith and fashion go well together.

We do this through two avenues: buying and selling.


We put every effort into sourcing ethical products, many of which are handmade by women from locations like Texas, Laos, and Uganda. If purchasing a product doesn't directly benefit a woman or family, we commit to investing through our second avenue, selling.


The women who buy from us are more than customers. They're also the target of our encouragement. We take pride in how we package and send out our products, we pray for every customer, and we genuinely want to connect with you.

Our desire is that you'll find great joy in purchasing from us, and not simply because of our great products sourced from around the world. We want you to realize that a purchase from Linger is an investment into women everywhere, including yourself.

Please, connect with us on social media using the links below. We would love to see you there!